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Since the introduction of stereo equipment in the 1950's, scientists and listeners alike have sought an ever more life-like spatial audio experience. Attempts were made to produce fully three-dimensional (3D) audio via stereo delivery, based on mathematical models that could be effective on headphones, but were sadly inadequate for speaker reproduction and far too compute-intensive for real-time application on practical hardware platforms.


Then in the early 1980's, QSound's inventors created a complex set-up of studio microphones that produced extra-stereo positioning: sound that appeared to originate from beyond the boundaries of the normal stereo soundstage between the speakers.


Eight years later, after exploiting newly available digital signal processor (DSP) technology to develop a sophisticated stimulus/response system and delivering and analyzing over a half-million human listening tests, they produced what some skeptics had said was impossible: a reliably controllable, positional three-dimensional (3D) audio process. They dubbed the technology "QSound®" and it has since become synonymous with a rich and realistic sound experience.


Today, QSound Labs provides to manufacturers of audio-related integrated circuits, software, and end-user products, a complete suite of 3D audio processes to maximize sonic impact in every conceivable entertainment application. The company has expanded its offerings to include a family of spectral and dynamics enhancements and a highly-efficient wavetable synthesizer to produce rich, complex ringtones and game audio on cutting-edge mobile devices.



Historical Highlights (Reverse Chronological Order):
LG releases several new phone models with QSound's mQFX and mQSynth audio technologies
Pantech and AT&T launch Matrix Pro dual-slider Windows Mobile smartphone with QSound audio enhancement
Hibox releases 3.1 channel soundbar with QSurroundHD and QXpander audio technology
New line of Toshiba LCD TVs launched with QSurround and QXpander audio enhancement
Oracom launches new line of portable media players enhanced with QSound's mQFX audio effects suite
ZTE rolls out world's first TD-SCDMA TV handset with QSound audio technology
QSound Labs' mQFX audio effects software available as an OpenMax IL component for Symbian OS
Modiotek incorporates QSound Labs' mQFX technologies into its next generation of advanced audio chips for mobile handsets
QSound Labs signs IP acquisition agreement to purchase award-winning Ripp3D graphics engine for mobile gaming from MachineWorks Northwest
QSound QHD technology incorporated in second generation of STMicroelectronics Sound Terminal chips for flat panel TVs, personal multimedia players and accessories
QSound Labs mQFX and QSurroundMobile software chosen as reference components to ship with Symbian OS
CSR offers QSound's MIDI synthesizer in its MusiCore1 audio processor, the world's first fully featured single-chip stereo audio processor with integrated Bluetooth capability for mobile phones
BenQ showcases T80 Windows Mobile 6 smartphone enabled by QSound's microQ at Mobile World Congress
LG introduces the KF510 at Mobile World Congress, featuring QSound’s industry-leading microQ audio engine
LG releases the KE850 PRADA Silver edition incorporating QSound's microQ audio enhancement algorithms
LG launches KF600, a GSM/EDGE handset for global distribution with QSound's microQ audio technology
Samsung SGH-J750 and SGH-A401 mobile phones shipping with Broadcom chipset incorporating QSound’s microQ ringtone audio synthesizer technology
ZTE and Trolltech announce U980 Linux based TD-SCDMA 3G smartphone with Trolltech's Qtopia software incorporating QSound Labs' microQ audio enhancement technology
SoftBank releases Panasonic 820P GSM tri-band mobile phone with QSound's microQ enhancement
Pantech Duo dual slider smartphone incorporating QSound's microQ audio technology released through AT&T
BenQ E72 and Mio A702 smartphones with Windows Mobile 6 O/S and QSound's microQ audio engine launched
OpenSL EST 1.0 API for Advanced Audio Processing on Mobile Devices released by Khronos Group with development contribution from QSound
QSound Labs, Inc. and VIA announce delivery of a superior sound system for Windows Vista
LG Shine 'Pink', LG Shine 'Gold', LG Shine 'Titanium Black', and Softbank Panasonic 810P mobile phones launched with QSound's microQ technology
UTStarcom releases UT118, X20 and X22 mobile phones incorporating QSound's microQ technology
ZTE launches E700 Linux based GSM/GPRS smartphone with Trolltech's Qtopia software incorporating QSound Labs' microQ audio enhancement technology
LG PRADA KE850 mobile phone launched with QSound Labs' cutting edge microQ audio enhancement technology enabling polyphonic ringtones
SoftBank introduces new Panasonic 706P GSM tri-band mobile phone with microQ enhancement
New Wi-Fi phones from Panasonic and Samsung using Broadcom’s Wi-Fi chipset, incorporate QSound’s microQ ringtone audio synthesizer technology
Toshiba launches two new media recorders with QSurround audio expansion technology from QSound Labs
CSR announces the addition of QSound's QXpander technology to its BlueCore3 and BlueCore5-Multimedia Bluetooth systems
QSound announces participation as charter member in the newly formed ACCESS Connect Ecosystem (ACE) Global Partner Program
New LG Electronics mobile phone models, including KE970 Shine, released with QSound’s industry-leading MIDI synthesis audio solution
QSound announces partner agreement with STMicroelectronics to bring leading-edge audio technology to personal and home entertainment products
QSound announces partner agreement with ARM to deliver industry-leading enhanced audio solutions
VIA announces VIA Vinyl VT1708 high definition audio codec
QSound’s microQ™ technology Offered for next-generation Intel® XScale® technology
QSound Labs’ major licensees including ATI, Broadcom, Qualcomm and Tensilica demonstrated microQ enhanced products at 3GSM
austriamicrosystems incorporates QSound Labs' QXpander™ into its latest portable audio product family
E-TEN Information Systems licenses QSound Labs' microQ for its Pocket PC Phone edition product line
Sony licenses QSound Labs' technology for its VAIO computer products
Samsung Electronics demonstrates QSound Labs' microQ at 3GSM World Congress
QSound Labs' microQ technology is licensed to Tensilica Inc., UTStarcom, BenQ, and ZTE
QSound Labs’ microQ technology is featured in Lenovo's new P930 Smart Phone
MiTAC selects QSound Labs' microQ technology to deliver next generation, 3D audio capabilities for its mobile device products
Philips introduces new QSound enhanced product at CeBIT: a soft soundcard bundled with new digital speakers
QSound Labs to showcase enhanced 3D audio solution for the mobile entertainment market
QSound Labs introduces microQ mobile audio engine optimized for Intel PXA27x processors with Intel wireless MMX technology
QSound Labs signs licensing agreement with Broadcom; microQ technology to deliver next-generation audio capabilities to handset manufacturers
QUALCOMM and QSound collaborate to deliver advanced audio to wireless devices with microQ 3D sound solutions
Vodafone selects QSound Labs microQ 3D audio for Vodafone VFX reference implementation
PacketVideo licenses QSound Labs' microQ technology for their mobile media software
VIA Technologies Inc. incorporates QSound's leading edge audio technologies so as to further enhance VIA Vinyl Audio solutions
QSound's QSurround 5.1 technology featured in Apogee's DDX-8001 controller
QSound Labs Launches microQ at CTIA Wireless 2003
QSound Launches QDVD Plug-in For InterVideo’s WinDVD
QSound Launches 3D Audio Enhancement Software, iQms2, For Microsoft’s Windows Media Player 9 Series
QSound's QHD™ technology featured on Zoran's Vaddis® DVD processor
QSound's QSurround technology featured in new televisions by Thomson Multimedia
QSound's new QSurround Headphone technology featured in Recoton's latest wireless headphones
QSound Labs and Philips enter into joint development agreement to deliver innovative digital audio solutions for PC and CE markets
QSound launches next-generation 3D audio enhancement software, iQfx3, for RealOne player
QSound Labs launches MUSICMATCH® co-branded version of its QMax® audio enhancement software
QSound Headphone technology featured in Cirrus Logic's popular Maverick™ processor line
Fujitsu ships QSound-enhanced version of Intervideo's WinDVD™ software. This is the only DVD player in its new "Deskpower" computer line
InterVideo selects QSound's technology for their WinDVD™ software application
QCommerce™, QSound's e-commerce subsidiary, acquires ChoiceMall® and launches ChoiceWorld.com, a shopping mall that offers a quicker route to products on-line
QSound's soft audio technology included in Boston Acoustics' USB speaker system
Oak Technology licenses QSound for new DVD Chipset
Philips' award winning sound cards, feature Q3D
Mitsubishi Electronics introduces sound processor integrating QSurround 5.1
Sharp, Sanyo and Toshiba incorporate QXpander in new television lines
QSound expands relationship with RealNetworks, and introduces iQfx2® and iQfx2 Plus
iQfx becomes the most successful selling partner product on www.real.com
QSound's AudioPix™ multimedia software included on KODAK Picture CD. AudioPix™ Pro introduced at Internet World. AudioPix product line receives KODAK Picture Friendly Certification.
QSound introduces affiliateDirect multi-level Web marketing software program. Acquires Virtual Spin Inc. to establish E-Commerce position.
China's Xiamen Xiaxin Electronics Co. Ltd. using QSound for A/V receiver
AIWA features QSound in new USB speakers
QSurround featured in new portable Sharp DVD player
Mitsubishi and QSound create new line of audio chips
Labway Corporation will introduce THUNDER3D PCI audio card as part of new XWave family of high performance PC sound products.
Starkey Laboratories completes testing on Cetera digital hearing aid using QSound technology.
QSound develops iQfx® for RealNetworks' RealPlayer
QCreator, the world's first 3D audio authoring tool for consumers, launched on the internet
Affiliate marketing program launched.
Who's using QSound? Cirrus Logic - Dolby Digital Decoder; Zoran Corporation - Vaddis DVD (world's first DVD decoder with integrated 3D audio capability); AIWA and Sharp QSound enhanced products to portable, mini component and speaker lines.
Aztech Systems Ltd. launches new QSound enhanced sound card
ForteMedia develops next generation audio chips with QSound
QMDX™ SDK - first truly universal solution for programming digital audio
Sega uses QSound as exclusive 3D audio solution for Dreamcast
Twelfth patent granted. QSound introduces three new technologies - enhanced Q3D™ 2.0 (positional audio), QSound Multi-Speaker System (QMSS) and QSurround for headphones.
iQ is offered on both the QSound Web site and from RealNetworks.
Who's using QSound? AIWA, Go-Video, Sharp Corporation, Boston Acoustics.
QSound technology now being used in computers, motherboards, soundcards and Trident audio chips.
Audio plug-in announced for use with Cakewalk Pro Audio editing.
UltraQ® introduced into the market. Q3D (positional audio) audio accelerator successfully used with DirectX version 5.0.
iQ™ Internet software introduced at Comdex
AIWA introduces QSound-enhanced multimedia speakers into the Japanese marketplace
Crystal Semiconductor uses QSound for multimedia applications
QSound licensed to Ambit Microsystems for computer line
"The X-Files" mixed in QSound by David West (West Productions) wins Emmys for "Outstanding Sound Mixing" and "Outstanding Sound Editing"
First QSound enhanced Sega Saturn title "Sega Rally Championship", sells nearly 1,000,000 copies in Japan and the U.S. in the first four months of sales
QSound is certified for use with Dolby Digital (AC -3) and Pro Logic processes
QSound enters co-development agreements with Mitsumi and ROHM for the Consumer Electronics industry's first "QXpander" chips
QSound licenses to IBM for Aptiva and Acer for Aspire
QSound licenses to Activision, Microsoft, Sony and Psygnosis
QSound's first ProAudio SoftwareTool, "QXpander®" developed for Digidesign
IBM's ThinkPad 755CD features QSound
Sega implement real-time interactive QSound into Sega Saturn
IBM licenses QSound for the MWave technology platform
Creative Labs licenses QSound for use in its chipsets and PC soundboards, including SoundBlaster 16 and AWE 32
QSound and House Ear Institute work with Starkey Laboratories to manufacture and market hearing aids. Goal: restore user's ability to listen selectively in noisy situations
First Sega CD-ROM games released in QSound. Capcom releases "Super Street Fighter II" with QSound.
Sega of America uses QSound technology in Sega games produced for Sega's CD-ROM systems.
Three albums mixed in QSound receive Grammy Awards – Sting's "The Soul Cages", Luther Vandross' "Power of Love/Love Power" and the "Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves" soundtrack.
QSound enters joint venture agreement with House Ear Institute to develop new hearing aid technology.
QSound used in the Morgan Creek movie "Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves".  
First generation QSound Chip completed for use in arcade video games.
Sting releases "The Soul Cages" – the first album to be built "from the ground up" in QSound. Other high profile artists using QSound include Joe Cocker and Janet Jackson.
QSound used in Superbowl Coca-Cola commercial "Hilltop Reunion" and in popular TV series "The Wonder Years".
QSound signs agreement with Capcom for distribution of QSound Chips in arcade industry.
Madonna releases "The Immaculate Collection", the first album to use QSound.
The first fully digital QSystem™ for 3D Positional Audio production completed.



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