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The foundation of QSound Labs' business is its proprietary, efficient, and effective audio technology.


QSound's latest Financial Reports, Press Releases and Spotlight Features are now available here as PDF downloads for the convenience of our investors.


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2010 Press Releases
Toshiba adds QSound Technology to their new LCD/DVD Combo Lineup 01/29/10 PDF 147 KB
2009 Spotlight Features Date Download PDF
Popular Toshiba LCD TV Models Enhanced with QSound's QSurround®
and QXpander® Audio Technologies
Jan/09 PDF 196 KB
2008 Reports Date Download PDF
Third Quarter Report Nov/08 PDF 1.36 MB
Second Quarter Report Aug/08 PDF 1.16 MB
First Quarter Report May/08 PDF 1.46 MB
2007 Annual Report
2007 Annual Report Mar/08 PDF 2.12 MB
Form 20-F Mar/08 PDF 1.06 MB
Management's Discussion & Analysis Mar/08 PDF 395 KB
Corporate Brochures
Corporate Brochure Jun/09 PDF 1.31 MB
Governance Documents
Corporate Code of Ethics May/04 PDF 123 KB