About QSound Demos



In order to get the full benefit of QSound in these demos, it is important to understand a few simple concepts about stereo playback. QSound is essentially a stereo listening experience. Therefore, any factors which affect proper stereo will also affect proper QSound. To ensure your stereo is configured for optimum stereo playback, here are some easy checks to make on your system.

Speaker Placement - often referred to as speaker geometry, is crucial to stereo playback. Try to position your speakers on the same plane, either side of the monitor. Try to avoid differences in height and depth between speakers. This will enable your speakers to form a good stereo image space.

Listening Position - is also very important. For best results when listening to any stereo material, you should be centered between the speakers at a distance equal to or greater than the distance between the speakers.

Speaker Connections - Making sure that your speakers and amplifier are connected with the correct polarity (sometimes referred to as 'in phase') will ensure you hear proper stereo. The positive, or "+", connectors on the amplifier should be wired to the positive, or "+", connectors on your speakers. Also, make sure the left input of your amplifier is connected to the left speaker. If your speakers have a balance control, make sure it is in the center position.

Now you're ready to get the most from your computer audio. Happy listening, and enjoy the demos!