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Philips Aurilium Sound Card Reviews


An external sound processor with controls that users can touch



The new PSC805 Aurilium™ Sound Processor provides high-definition audio for your PC with the dynamic realism of full 5.1 channel sound. It is easy to connect to the PC with just a single cable using the certified USB 2.0 interface - the new connectivity standard for all new PCs and laptops. USB also powers the Aurilium, so no separate power connection or external power supply is required.


Aurilium gives PC users a complete external audio solution with controls they can touch, just like on home audio system. And unlike PCI soundcards, the Aurilium brings distinctive and convergent audio styling to the PC environment, with its striking sleek silver design, stylish display and cool blue LEDs providing visual feedback for settings and controls. It can be mounted either vertically or horizontally on its compact stand and looks great next to your PC or home entertainment cluster. Jacks for microphone and headphone are easily accessible and conveniently located on the front panel, making Aurilium the perfect solution for online gaming VoIP (Voice-Over-IP) headset connectivity. Utilizing Philips’ own high quality 24-bit data converters for unmatched pristine audio quality, the Aurilium is the perfect audio docking station for PCs, laptops, portable music players and game consoles. Both 6-channel analog and optical/coax S/PDIF outputs for easy digital connection to external receivers and home entertainment systems.


The Aurilium is supplied with the unique Sound Agent 2 software that provides an innovative and easy-to-use graphical interface to advanced control features. Sound Agent 2 gives instant visual feedback on the PC screen for all advanced audio settings, with the option of using either symbolic graphical controls or classic slider controls. As well as providing easy access to all the audio control functions, Sound Agent 2 takes active control of audio processing by constantly monitoring and optimizing audio streams to create the best possible sonic experience.

Reviews of the Philips Aurilium

"The Aurilium comes through where it counts: with excellent, clear, crisp 3D audio in Windows and in games. It's about as easy to install as anything can be, and Sound Agent 2 is a terrific drive suite... The Aurilium sounds sublime."


"…The Aurilium looks to deliver an audio experience on par with a home entertainment or powerful gaming system."


"The Aurilium performs well with great audio quality which is complemented nicely by QSound audio enhancements... For those looking to game with this USB soundcard, you should not be disappointed by the true 6-channel positioning and EAX support."
--- Techspot


"For the enthusiasts, the Aurilium's sound quality is better than onboard sound and hey, you will have yet another curious doohicky to woo your friends."


"The Aurilium could easily be mistaken for hi-fi equipment that costs many times more than its $99.99 price tag... The Aurilium does everything for you and looks damn good doing it."
--- Hardcore Ware


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