Spotlight Features 2007



2007 Spotlight Features highlighting developments in the evolution and deployment of QSound's leading edge digital audio technology.


New Smartphones with Windows Mobile 6 and microQ® Launched


Two trendy new smartphones enhanced by QSound Labs' microQ® digital audio engine and operating on Microsoft's Windows Mobile 6 have now been officially launched. Mio Technology recently released the Mio DigiWalker A702 GPS PDA phone, while BenQ has announced the launch of the super slim E72.
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OpenSL ES™ 1.0 API for Advanced Audio Processing on Mobile Devices Released by Khronos


The Khronos Group, a member funded-industry consortium leading the development of open standard, royalty-free APIs for dynamic media on a variety of platforms and devices, has announced the public release of a provisional version of the OpenSL ES™ 1.0 specification for mobile devices.
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LG Phones with microQ® Expand Internationally


Additional LG Electronics mobile phone models have been released around the world with QSound’s industry-leading MIDI synthesis audio solution, bringing QSound's microQ technology to over 15 model variants from Western and Eastern Europe to Asia and South America.
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LG Launches New LG Shine 'Titanium Black' Mobile Phone


Building on the "phenomenal success" of the first LG Shine handset released earlier this year, LG Electronics recently launched the new LG Shine 'Titanium Black' mobile phone.
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New Devices with Microsoft Windows Mobile 6
and microQ®


New mobile phones with QSound Labs' microQ® digital audio engine running on Microsoft’s WinMob 6 operating systems will hit the market later this year. Two prime examples of this are the E72 and T80 mobile phones from BenQ.
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ARM® - QSound Strategic Collaboration and microQ® Optimization


ARM and QSound Labs entered into a strategic collaboration in 2006 to bring industry leading MIDI synthesis, stereo expansion, audio effects, enhancements and 3D positional audio solutions to the wireless market. ARM has undertaken further optimizations of QSound’s highly regarded, efficient microQ software.
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Texas Instruments Audio DSP Seminar, China


QSound’s Asia-Pacific Technical Support Manager, Willis Liu, was invited by Texas Instruments to present QSound’s suite of audio enhancement technologies to a large audience of over 60 of China’s consumer electronics designers and manufacturers.  The TI Audio DSP seminar was held on June 29, 2007 in Shenzhen, a key consumer electronics region within China.
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QSound Featured on ARM® IQ Online Website


ARM's IQ Online website is currently featuring QSound Labs, Inc. in the Connected Community Showcase. IQ Online provides news, editorials and articles on design methodologies, IP and Partner profiles for engineers and developers working within the ARM ecosystem.
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Ultra-Stylish LG PRADA KE850 Incorporates QSound's microQ Audio Enhancement Technology


Mobile innovation and avant garde design have come together with the launch of the LG PRADA KE850, "the world's first advanced touch screen mobile phone". Not only is the PRADA visually and functionally impressive, it also sounds fabulous with QSound Labs' cutting edge microQ audio enhancement technology.
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SoftBank Introduces New Panasonic 706P GSM Tri-Band Mobile Phone with microQ Enhancement


SoftBank recently announced that its 2007 spring line-up of mobile phones includes the new stylish, super-shiny Panasonic 706P incorporating QSound's microQ technology.
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Panasonic & Samsung Wi-Fi Phones using microQ via Broadcom Chipset


QSound Labs is pleased to announce that two new Wi-Fi phones recently introduced into the marketplace with Broadcom's Wi-Fi chipset, incorporate QSound's microQ® ringtone audio synthesizer technology.
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Toshiba's New Media Recorders Incorporate QSurround Audio Expansion Technology


Toshiba recently launched two new media recorders incorporating QSurround audio expansion technology from QSound Labs, broadening the use of QSound's audio technology across their product line that already includes several models of TVs and DVD players.
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QSound Joins New ACCESS Connect Ecosystem (ACE) Global Partner Program


QSound is pleased to announce participation as a charter member in the newly formed ACCESS Connect Ecosystem (ACE) Global Partner Program. ACE is a global initiative established by ACCESS to accelerate growth of the mobile Linux market. read more






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