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Texas Instruments Audio DSP Seminar, China









QSound’s Asia-Pacific Technical Support Manager, Willis Liu, was invited by Texas Instruments to present QSound’s suite of audio enhancement technologies to a large audience of over 60 of China’s consumer electronics designers and manufacturers.  The TI Audio DSP seminar was held on June 29, 2007 in Shenzhen, a key consumer electronics region within China --the largest consumer electronics manufacturing country in the world.


Mr. Liu's presentation described the audio enhancement software that is available for the Texas Instruments’ family of TAS Digital Audio Processors.  In showcasing the technology the feedback was, “the QSound TAS3108 demonstration sounded awesome!”


The Texas Instruments’ TAS Family Digital Audio Processors are ideal for digital TV audio systems, mini/micro component systems, iPod / MP3 player docking systems, computer displays, multimedia speakers and more.  The QSound audio enhancements products for the TAS family deliver an enriched and truly immersive audio experience through QHD with QXpander, QSurround HD and QSurround 5.1.  QHD with QXpander provides sound field enhancement delivering a “must have” surround-like experience. QSurround HD creates a stunning theatre-like surround sound experience with phantom center, enhanced front and virtual surround speakers from conventional two-channel output.  QSurround 5.1 brings a full live surround effect with distinctly different outputs for 4 or 5 full-range speakers and derives a discrete subwoofer.


Willis Liu is an 11 year veteran at QSound Labs.  Mr. Liu is based in Hong Kong and supports customers throughout Asia and Japan.  He has a Diploma in Electronics and is well known as having “Golden Ears,” the ability to hear sound and music at a highly skilled level, further enabling QSound to help create the best sound quality according to the platform available.  In the unique field of audio technology, specific measurements and testing are required to fine tune audio quality and performance, but in the end “Golden Ears” can be used to bring true life to music and sound in consumer products.


Texas Instruments is a global leader serving the world’s most innovative electronics companies, helping them develop new ideas that change the way we live.  Texas Instruments develops analog, digital signal processing, RF and DLP® semiconductor technologies that help customers deliver consumer and industrial electronics products with greater performance, increased power efficiency, higher precision, more mobility and better quality.








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