Spotlight Features 2002 - 2005



2002 - 2005 Spotlight Features highlighting developments in the evolution and deployment of QSound's leading edge digital audio technology.


Philips PSC724 Ultimate Edge


"The PSC724 was capable of besting the competition on multiple occasions. One large advantage many of you should consider of the Ultimate Edge is the price that it rolls out at; a mere $69.99."
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Philips Aurilium Sound Card


The new PSC805 AuriliumT Sound Processor provides high-definition audio for your PC with the dynamic realism of full 5.1 channel sound. Aurilium gives PC users a complete external audio solution with controls they can touch, just like on home audio system. And unlike PCI soundcards, the Aurilium brings distinctive and convergent audio styling to the PC environment!
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Fish is a Scottish vocalist, writer, actor, and QSound user, who's twenty year career in the music industry defies trends and fashions. Fish joined the progressive rock band Marillion in 1981 and led the band through numerous successes (including the world-wide hit song "Kayleigh") before departing for a solo career in 1988.
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Kirk Kupensky


Kirk Kupensky's career as a harpist has been a diverse one, including forays into the realm of popular and new age music in addition to classical.  In his solo debut CD, "The Eternal Dreamer", Kirk uses QSound to help him express his interest in transcriptions and rarely heard music.
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Celestial Image


Dennis Jennings is the electronic composer behind Celestial Image, and his music ranges from classical to celtic. Dennis, who has been recording in QSound for a number of years, composes his music using computers, analog synths, and a variety of traditional instruments.
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