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LG Phones with microQ® Expand Internationally



Additional LG Electronics mobile phone models have been released around the world with QSound’s industry-leading MIDI synthesis audio solution, bringing QSound's microQ technology to over 15 model variants from Western and Eastern Europe to Asia and South America. The popular Shine phone continues to proliferate upon its initial success, with new variants such as the Titanium Black and the most recent PINK version. Also extending their reach globally, are the highly rated and feature packed PRADA and Chocolate phones. With a powerful combination of cutting edge innovation and stylish, sophisticated designs, LG continues to strengthen their reputation as a leader in the mobile phone market.


In August of 2006 LG selected Infineon’s MP-E phone platform for their new EDGE (Enhanced Data Rates for GSM Evolution) mobile handsets. Infineon’s phone platform incorporates QSound’s microQ audio technology in their APOXI application framework. The new phones range in design and capabilities but all have something in common – the unique but distinctive LG look with its fresh, trendy and stylish design and enhanced audio capability by QSound’s microQ.








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