2007 Press Releases & Spotlight Features



2007 Press Releases and Spotlight Features are available here as PDF downloads.


For a printed copy of our most recent Press Releases and Spotlight Features or additional financial and corporate information, please contact QSound Investor Relations at info@qsound.com.







2007 Press Releases Date Download PDF
QSound Labs Reports Third Quarter Results for 2007 11/08/07 PDF 392 KB
QSound Labs' microQ® Shipping in Pantech’s 3G Duo Smartphone 11/05/07 PDF 373 KB
QSound Labs & VIA Bring Superior Sound Systems to Windows Vista 09/26/07 PDF 383 KB
QSound Labs Reports Second Quarter Results for 2007 08/09/07 PDF 387 KB
QSound Labs Reports First Quarter Results for 2007 05/10/07 PDF 396 KB
QSound Labs’ Stereo Expansion Technology Now Available on CSR’s BlueCore5-Multimedia 03/26/07 PDF 292 KB
QSound Labs Reports Fourth Quarter and Year End Results for 2006 03/08/07 PDF 463 KB
QSound Labs’ Platform Strategy Gains Momentum 02/08/07 PDF 374 KB
STMicroelectronics and QSound Labs Inc. Team Up 01/04/07 PDF 378 KB
2007 Spotlight Features
New Smartphones with Windows Mobile 6 and microQ® Oct/07 PDF 233 KB
OpenSL EST 1.0 API for Advanced Audio Processing on Mobile Devices Released by Khronos Group Oct/07 PDF 181 KB
LG Phones with microQ® Expand Internationally Sep/07 PDF 199 KB
LG Launches New LG Shine 'Titanium Black' Mobile Phone Aug/07 PDF 194 KB
New Devices with Microsoft Windows Mobile 6 and microQ® Jul/07 PDF 195 KB
ARM® - QSound Strategic Collaboration and microQ® Optimization Jul/07 PDF 169 KB
Texas Instruments Audio DSP Seminar, China Jul/07 PDF 215 KB
QSound Featured on ARM® IQ Online Website Jun/07 PDF 414 KB
Ultra-Stylish LG PRADA KE850 Incorporates QSound's microQ Audio Enhancement Technology Apr/07 PDF 248 KB
SoftBank Introduces New Panasonic 706P GSM Tri-Band Mobile Phone with microQ Enhancement Apr/07 PDF 234 KB
Panasonic & Samsung Wi-Fi Phones using microQ via Broadcom Chipset Apr/07 PDF 249 KB
Toshiba's New Media Recorders Incorporate QSurround Audio Expansion Technology Apr/07 PDF 174 KB
QSound Joins New ACCESS Connect Ecosystem (ACE) Global Partner Program Feb/07 PDF 193 KB




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