sound virtualization engine The Q3D Interactive™ Competitive Edge
  • Unparalleled 3D audio effects
  • Selectable, scalable modular
     components easy to implement
  • Small memory footprint
  • High efficiency processing
  • Patented 3D audio technology
  • Industry proven solution
  • QSound or JSR234 API

Q3D Interactive™


for Video Games



Q3D Interactive™ is QSound Labs’ flagship 3D product, developed directly from the studio-quality three-dimensional (3D) sound placement algorithms upon which the company was founded.


The Q3D process accepts multiple monophonic audio streams, each of which represents a sound source, and applies a desired location in three-dimensional space. Positioned streams are mixed together and sent to a common stereo or multi-channel output.


Q3D supports multiple output devices including stereo earphones, stereo speakers, and discrete multi-channel surround speaker systems, using unique algorithms for each case.


The primary application of Q3D is to provide runtime-variable sound positioning for video games and other virtual reality applications. Such applications demand much more than audio positioning. Q3D delivers complete sound control including independent per-channel position, pitch and volume, automatic Doppler effects, variable automatic distance-related volume-scaling and more.


As with other QSound Labs products, Q3D can be scaled to the available resource budget. Among its optional features is QSound Environmental Modeling®. QEM® emulates various real-world and fantastical acoustic environments via synthesised echo and reverberation.


With a reputation for unmatched effectiveness and surprisingly low resource use stretching back to DOS gaming in the early 1990’s, Q3D has been implemented in a long list of software video game titles, game consoles, PC sound cards, sound card drivers, and user software. The company’s leadership and deep experience in realtime positional 3D audio is simply unmatched in the industry.


QSound Labs is pleased to offer Q3D as a component of the microQ portable digital audio engine for mobile platforms, under QSound Labs or JSR-234 Application Programming Interfaces.


For more information about Q3D Interactive, please see our OEM Guide to QSound Q3D® Positional 3D Audio.





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