voice+audio solution for Bluetooth The QSound Wireless Competitive Edge
  • DSP-based solution for
    Bluetooth® enabled devices
  • Industry's best performance:
     - Lowest memory and MIPS
     - Ultra low system overhead
     - Minimal effect on headset
        playback time capacity
     - Tunable for all narrow
        geometry speaker
  • Single-vendor audio solution:
    - Simplifies licensing and
       integration processes
    - Saves platform resources
    - Reduces development costs
  • Proven track record and
    established brand recognition

Wireless Audio Solution


for Mobile Devices and Media Players



For over 20 years, QSound Labs has been leading the world with innovative, ground-breaking digital audio technologies. Now, QSound is pleased to offer another industry first: a complete voice and audio enhancement package for Bluetooth® enabled products.


mQFX, QSound’s industry-leading audio effects suite of algorithms for advanced music listening, is now available in a complete package solution for Bluetooth enabled devices along with QVoice, the new voice enhancement software from QSound. Now integrated with mQFX is a noise-dependent volume control component of the QVoice algorithm suite, offering an expanded voice/audio feature set not available from any other vendor.


mQFX increases the audio impact of mobile devices with a powerful set of spatial and spectral audio enhancements that will set your products apart from the crowd. Users can enjoy a rich, personalized audio experience with the feature-rich mQFX suite that also includes dynamic volume and range controllers.


QVoice is a unique, comprehensive noise reduction and echo cancellation software solution for mobile devices, hands-free car systems and headsets. Offering exceptional natural-sounding speech clarity in noisy environments, QVoice high-performance algorithms deliver the most effective, efficient, leading quality voice solution available on the market today.


QSound’s complete Wireless Audio Solution for voice and audio enhancement offers mobile device OEMs a convenient, cost-efficient technology and licensing proposition for differentiating their products. With QSound Labs’ proven expertise in digital audio software development you can count on rapid time-to-market delivery with the best overall quality in the industry.



Feature Set Description


QSound Labs’ complete voice and audio enhancement Wireless Audio Solution for Bluetooth enabled devices includes the following components from the QVoice and mQFX algorithm suites:



mQFX™ Digital Effects Components

QSound’s proprietary QXpander 3D spatial processing literally adds new dimensions to music playback, expanding the sound stage beyond the physical limitations of speaker locations, and enlarging the acoustic image outside the listener’s head when using headphones. This results in a more natural-sounding, less fatiguing listening experience.


An adaptive mid to high frequency spectral enhancement, that restores a natural-sounding sonic punch to compressed formats by selectively adding upper spectrum energy.



The low-frequency counterpart to QSizzle, QRumble also adds energy in a selective fashion, bringing substance and warmth to the low end spectrum without overloading on loud passages.



A sophisticated, highly flexible, fully parametric tone control. Configurable number of stages, with variable filter type, bandwidth, frequency, and fully-symmetrical +/- 18dB gain for each stage. Large library of customizeable presets available.


A high-efficiency, anti-saturation dynamic range controller that handles any combination of signals and extreme effects settings, eliminating output distortion with high transparency and low overhead.



QVoice™ Enhancement Components

Bi-Directional Noise Reduction

  • excellent performance with all noise types
  • simultaneous noise reduction in TX and RX
  • up to 20dB noise attenuation
  • fast convergence with low delay
  • integrated speech enhancement




Acoustic Echo Cancellation

  • cancel echos coupled from speaker to mic
  • robust double-talk performance
  • processes up to 32msec including echo tail
  • handles multiple echos within the frame



Noise-Dependent Auto Volume Control

  • adjusts the volume based on ambient noise
  • smooth and natural transition between levels
  • intelligent tracking for optimum voice quality
  • maintains previous signal-to-noise ratio (SNR)



User Exposure Monitoring and Alert

  • continuously monitors acoustic energy in headset
  • calculates cumulative HSP/A2DP hearing exposure
  • notifies user if pre-defined acoustic level is reached











Proven Technology and Implementation Experience


QSound Labs’ audio software is well known as one of the wireless industry’s highest quality, most compact and efficient solutions for enriching the users’ audio experience. Since its inception in 1986, QSound Labs, Inc. has established itself as one of the world’s leading audio technology companies. QSound’s expertise was born out of its roots in pro-audio recording of numerous artists, television shows and movies such as Madonna, Sting, Pink Floyd, X-Files, Wonder Years, Robin Hood Prince of Thieves and many more.


Today, QSound Labs is well known and highly regarded for its proprietary audio solutions that include virtual surround sound, positional audio and stereo enhancement for the mobile devices, consumer electronics, PC/multimedia and Internet markets. Companies using QSound technology are listed in our Partners section.



Platforms and Optimization


Audio solutions by QSound Labs have been rigorously optimized with the participation of our major industry partners focusing on three critical requirements: Quality, Memory Footprint, and Performance.


QSound's voice and audio enhancement Wireless Audio Solution for Bluetooth enabled devices will soon be available for all major platforms. For detailed technical information, please contact a QSound representative or email us at info@qsound.com.




The Bluetooth® word mark and logo are registered trademarks of Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and are used under license.




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